K-pop idol-actor Rowoon to focus on personal activities; SF9 to continue with 8 members

K-pop group SF9 will be continuing with eight members while bandmate Rowoon will focus on his personal activities including acting. 

SF9 debuted in 2016 and according to FNC Entertainment, their agency, their first contract expired on Sept. 18 and made a renewal. 


SF9 (FNC Entertainment)


SF9's Rowoon (Instagram)

However, SF9 will promote as an eight-member group excluding Rowoon. 

“SF9, which debuted in 2016 and has been working as an artist for 7 years, reached the end of its first contract on September 18,” FNC Entertainment said in a statement on Sept. 18. 

It added, “SF9, where all members have already renewed their contracts with the company, plans to take another leap forward with an eight-member lineup excluding Rowoon.”

“Rowoon plans to focus on his personal activities, including his acting,” it added. 

FNC Entertainment explained that “although their direction of activity is different, Rowoon, who will always remain as the 9th member of SF9, and the remaining eight members are all in close contact with each other.”

“They will support each other and do their best in their own ways to show their fans a good performance. We ask for fans’ continued interest and support for SF9 and Rowoon,” it said. 

Rowoon starred in “The King’s Affection” with Park Eun-bin in 2021 and is currently starring in the Netflix series “Destined With You.”