China headed for global isolation amid ‘irresponsible, aggressive’ actions in WPS – AFP

col aguilar.jpg
AFP spokesperson Colonel Medel Aguilar (File photo)

If the current situation in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) does not improve, China may be isolated from the rest of the world due to its aggression against the Philippines, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) warned.

“The irresponsible and aggressive actions of China Coast Guard is leading China to global isolation,” Col. Medel Aguilar, AFP spokesperson, said.

Aguilar particularly noted how several countries backed the Philippines’ claims in the South China Sea.

“While many countries have already expressed their support to our position, no country has ever come forward to openly support China’s claim over WPS,” he stated.

In fact, Aguilar said that there were several countries that are willing to conduct joint patrol operations in the South China Sea if only to strengthen the Philippines’ presence in the WPS.

National Task Force for WPS spokesperson Jonathan Malaya had said last month that the joint sail between the US and Philippines may be finally held in the latter part of 2023.

“Aside from the United States, other countries who have expressed their willingness to join Philippines in the maritime patrol include Australia and Japan. Other countries who are open to the idea will be identified later,” Aguilar shared.

China continues to flex its muscle in the WPS although its recent actions led to severe condemnation from the international community.

Most recent of this was the water cannon attack by a China Coast Guard vessel on Philippine boats that were delivering supplies to Filipino soldiers in Ayungin Shoal on Aug. 5.

After the incident was made public by the AFP and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), two more resupply missions were carried out by the military which turned out to be successful despite attempts by China to block it.