51 apprehended for traffic violations during single-ticketing system dry run in Muntinlupa 

A total of 51 apprehensions were recorded in the first two days of the implementation of the single-ticketing system for traffic violations in Muntinlupa. 

Muntinlupa and six other local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila launched the single-ticketing system on May 2. 

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Metro Manila mayors including Ruffy Biazon and representatives show the agreement they signed with the Land Transportation office for the Land Transport Management System (LTMS) Interconnectivity on April 13 (Photo from Mayor Ruffy Biazon)

According to the Muntinlupa Traffic Management Bureau (MTMB), the 51 traffic violators were apprehended on May 2 and 3. It said the implementation of the system in Muntinlupa was smooth. 

On the first day, 39 apprehensions were recorded in Muntinlupa. These include 24 for not wearing helmets, seven for attended illegal parking, two unattended illegal parking and one for obstruction. Five others were apprehended for driving without license, no helmet, and arrogance. 

The dry-run of the single-ticketing system will be from May 2 to 7, after which, there will be an evaluation, the MTMB added. 

In March, the Muntinlupa City Council passed Ordinance 2023-055 adopting the Metro Manila Traffic Code of 2023 on the implementation of a single-ticketing system and harmonizing fines and penalties. It was signed by Mayor Ruffy Biazon. 

MTMB chief Danidon Nolasco had earlier said a violator has 10 days to pay the traffic violation fine, after which, a surcharge of five percent daily will be imposed. If he fails to settle the fine, an alarm is sent to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). 

Under the Muntinlupa ordinance, the following traffic rules and regulations and their corresponding penalties and/or fines will apply: 

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS  / FINES (1st Offense / 2nd Offense / 3rd Offense and Subsequent Offense

- Disregarding Traffic Sign - P1,000

- Illegal Parking Attended P1,000

- Illegal Parking Unattended - P2,000

- Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction Program (Number Coding Scheme) - P500

- Truck Ban - P3,000

- Light Truck Ban -  P2,000

- Reckless Driving - P1,000/ P2,000 /P2,000

- Tricycle Ban - P500

- Obstruction - P1,000

- Dress Code for Motorcycles - P500/ P750 /P1,000

- Overloading - P1,000 

- Defective Motor Vehicle Accessories - P1,000

- Unauthorized Modification - P2,000

- Arrogance/Discourteous Conduct - P500

- Loading and Unloading in Prohibited Zones - P1,000

- Illegal Counterflow - P2,000/ P5,000

- Overspeeding - P1,000


- Failure to Use Seat Belt - P1,000

- Failure to Use CRS - P1,000 /P2,000/ P5,000

- Use of Substandard CRS - P1,000/ P3,000/ P5,000

- No Motorcycle Helmet - P1,500/ P3,000/ P5,000/ P10,000 

- Use of Helmet with No ICC Markings - P3,000/ P5,000

- Violation of Children's Safety on Motorcycle Act - P3,000/ P5,000/ P10,000

ADDA - P5,000/ P10,000/ P15,000