Elisse Joson now more open to do something different

After a decade in show business, Elisse Joson is now more eager to experiment when it comes to projects she accepts.

In a recent interview during her launch as brand ambassador of Miutiso, the Star Magic artist told Bulletin Entertainment that when it comes to her work as an actor, she's now more open to doing something different.

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"Something out of the box. Something I've never done before," the 27-year-old actress said, relating: "Because I feel like mas confident na ako na kaya kong gawin. Parang yun yung nararamdaman ko. Parang mas may tapang."

What prompted this?

She answered: "Una po kasi di naman po ako bumabata pa."

"Parang hindi natin alam, gaano pa itatagal ko sa industry na to so might as well do it now," she continued. "Strike while the iron is hot. And you'll never know, it might lead to better opportunities for me and for my family. So parang mas game ako talaga ngayon to accept roles."

According to Elisse, despite her 10-year showbiz tenure, she still feels like a newbie.

"Siguro dahil gusto ko pang gumagawa ng iba't-iba pang mga characters. So kahit na more than 10 years na ako sa industry, I still feel like I still have lot to learn and yun nga madami pa akong gustong gawin pagdating dito sa industry na to."

Many fans were surprised to see her spicing up the ABS-CBN revenge drama “Dirty Linen" where she plays the fiery ex-girlfriend of Zanjoe Marudo's character.


Elisse is well aware of the reactions to her portrayal of Sophie Madrigales.

"Actually, I read some of the comments. Pinapanuod ko din talaga yung show, not just my scenes but 'Dirty Linen' itself. I watch it," she said.

But she admitted that there are times that she intentionally avoids reading any of the reactions as she doesn't want it to affect her work.

"Kasi as an actor mararamdaman namin yun if we did a good job on that particular scene. So I feel like it shouldn't matter what others would say and yung mga naiisip. I feel like that's a good thing na naiinis sila but sa akin kasi hindi ko talaga gustong mag-base sa sinasabi nila sa work ko."

She just started work on a new project, an afternoon show titled "Pira-Pirasong Paraiso."

"Excited ako kasi dito, ibang-iba din from Sophie of 'Dirty Linen.' I'm just happy that I get to explore more..."

Was there a huge adjustment on her part?

"Mahirap sa beginning to slip into a different character and mold the character to make it believable pa rin. Mahirap at first pero I feel like once we get the hang of it, kayang-kaya."

As a mom, partner

How supportive is McCoy given her busy schedule, we asked.

Very, she said.

McCoy takes on daddy duties when she is away for work.

They are also each other's biggest critics.

"With our work, since mas nag-explore kami with the characters that we have, when we get home, at the end of the day, we talk about our performances. So parang yun yung nagiging one of our bonding moments - yung we watch each other's shows or movies and then we critic each other. Nag a-ask kami ng help from each other," she shared.

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"And I feel like yun yung isa sa mga na e-enjoy ko ngayon. Kasi having a partner ng same industry, isa yun sa parangs pros - na we get to talk about what we do and support each other. Wala namang 'bawal dito, bawal ganyan,' as long as we know our boundaries. We respect each other, parang automatic naman."

On how she juggles being a mom and an actress, Elisse said it's all just a matter of scheduling.

"But there's always gonna be parang flaws pa din kahit subukan kong ayusin yung schedule ko. Hindi pa rin aayon talaga. But at the end of the day, as long as, mababalikan mo yung mga mami-miss mong roles in life, tuloy-tuloy naman yun, it's gonna work."

She admitted that from time to time, she would miss baby Felize's milestones.

"As much as possible, ayokong mangyari na ganun. I'm thankful with my management, with Star Magic because every time I make a personal day off, family-related matter, they understand and they give it naman to me," she said.

"May guilt naman talaga na I'm missing out on her day kasi laging araw-araw may bagong mangyayari but I make sure to make up for it once I get home. Once I don't have work, I spend it with her. So okay naman yung ganung setup."

Meanwhile, Elisse also talked about how she and her family celebrated recent Mother's Day.

"Actually McCoy had work so it was an early celebration for us. And it was very simple. We just ate in a restaurant and then McCoy surprised me with some flowers and matching balloons tapos kumain lang kami dun. And I feel like grand gestures nowadays, parang hindi na ganun ka practical for me. I feel like ang importante yung the little moments every day -  na nakakasama niyo ang isa't-isa. And when it's needed, you celebrate it even if it's just a small celebration, it's good already."