DepEd eyes rollout of new K to 10 curriculum in SY 2024-2025

The Department of Education (DepEd) has set the School Year (SY) 2024-2025 as the target period for the implementation of the revised curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 10 (K to 10).

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The Curriculum Guide (CG) for K to 10 has been released for public comments according to DepEd Undersecretary and Spokesperson Michael Poa.


“Based on the latest update from the curriculum strand, they are collating the comments,” he explained in a mix of English and Filipino during an interview on the sidelines of the Language and Inclusion Summit on May 19.

DepEd released the draft of the revised K to 10 curriculum in April for public comments. Initially, the deadline for comments coming from education stakeholders was set on May 3 but DepEd extended it until May 13.


“Ang gusto natin makuha talaga is lahat ng comments ng public, i-consider natin para ma-tweak pa natin further yung curriculum (What we really want is to get all the comments coming from the public and consider these so we can tweak the curriculum further),” Poa said.

“Once these comments our collated, we are looking to roll out na ating (our) K to 10 and for implementation not this coming school year but for SY 2024-2025 --- yun ang ating target (that’s our target),” he added.

Removal of Mother Tongue as a subject

Of all the revisions made in the revised K to 10 curriculum, the removal of the Mother Tongue as a learning area or a subject has been receiving mixed reactions from education stakeholders.

“Our curriculum guide is still a working draft that’s why we want to get the comments,” Poa said when asked to comment on the matter.

However, he also clarified that based on the CG, Mother Tongue was not “removed as a medium of instruction” but only as a dedicated subject.

“Patuloy pa din naman na medium of instruction ang Mother Tongue but again, we will wait for the comments and we will get our cue from the curriculum strand and if yun nga ang kalalabasan ng final K to 10 natin (Mother Tongue is still the medium of instruction but again, we will wait for the comments and we will get our cue from the curriculum strand and if that is the outcome of our final K to 10),” he said.

SHS review, creation of national task force

One of the most anticipated developments in the ongoing review of the K to 12 curriculum is the implementation of the Senior High School (SHS) Program or Grades 11 and 12.

Poa said that DepEd started the SHS review in November. “Then after that, will have a review proper then if there will be revision, then we will draft the curriculum guide and open it for public comments transparency,” he explained.

To review the implementation of the program, DepEd also created a national Task Force for SHS.


The data gathered by the SHS NTF, Poa said, will be used by DepEd should lawmakers request comments on the implementation of the SHS program through proposals and deliberations.

In April, House Senior Deputy Speaker and former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo proposed the conversion of the K to 12 education program into the K + 10 + 2 system through House Bill (HB) No.7893.


Poa said that DepEd is monitoring the latest developments related to basic education and implementation of the K to 12 program or the SHS implementation, in particular.

“Whatever happens, this will also identify the difficulties or challenges experienced by learners in SHS,” Poa said.

He added that the review of the SHS is to “really to look at the learning competencies just like what we did with K to 10.”

“Whatever happens, this will still be valuable for us [especially] if the Senate or Lower House invites us for comments regarding SHS, at least we have data from NTF,” Poa said.