Globe Group’s 917Ventures, Ayala Corp kick off pilot testing of Gogoro Smartscooters

Scooters and battery swapping stations available to public in Q4


Those keen to make the shift to electrified mobility but are wary of the lack of charging stations and charging wait times have a new brand to look forward to, Gogoro Smartscooters.

A global technology leader in battery-swapping ecosystems, Gogoro is finally in the Philippines thanks to its new partners, Globe Group’s 917Ventures, and Ayala Corporation. The Gogoro launch marks the Globe Group’s debut into climate tech, the first of many innovations to address Filipinos’ daily pain points. 

Together, the companies are hoping to create a more sustainable transportation solution that brings together smart, convenient and accessible two-wheel electric vehicles to customers. It also marks the Philippine entry of Gogoro, a company that has transformed two-wheel mobility in its home country as well as China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Korea and Israel.

The Gogoro Smartscooters and Battery-Swapping GoStation ecosystem hope to introduce a new era of sustainable transport in the Philippines.

Gogoro electric smart scooters work by eliminating the need for riders to wait for its batteries to charge. Instead, these scooters use up to two removable batteries that can be taken out once depleted and swapped for fully charged ones at battery swapping stations. These GoStations have 30 battery slots each and require the rider to simply interact with the screen, enter their subscription credentials and insert their depleted batteries. Then, fully charged ones will pop out for them to take and re-insert into their electric scooters. The whole swapping process takes  as little as 6 seconds. This technology allow users to conveniently change their scooter’s depleted battery with a fully charged one and continue their journey. No need to plug in and wait for the battery to charge.

Initial pilot-testing


Gogoro Smartscooters allow you to swap the used battery at GoStations for a fully-charged one in as fast as six seconds.

Globe is currently pilot-testing the system with its own volunteer employees. An initial batch of 100 Smartscooters, 400 smart batteries and seven GoStations from Gogoro, an Asian-based global leader in two-wheel electric vehicle (EV) and battery-swapping technology, have arrived in the country. Up to 70 employees have already been provided with smart scooters to use as their means of daily commute. The first GoStation is already set up at the Globe Tower in BGC on Lane D.

Under the pilot, Gogoro’s Smartscooters will serve as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. This more sustainable transport solution is hoped to address commuter woes on expensive gas prices while helping curb carbon emissions that are in line with partners’ shared commitment to sustainability, and the Philippine government's sustainable development agenda.


From left: Globe Capital Venture Holdings Director, Bernie Llamzon; Globe Group President and CEO, Ernest Cu; Gogoro Founder and CEO, Horace Luke; 917 Ventures Managing Director, Vince Yamat; and Director of the Energy Utilization Management Bureau (EUMB) of the Department of Energy, Patrick Aquino, officially launch the Gogoro Smartscooters®  and Battery-Swapping GoStation ecosystem in the Philippines.

“We in the Globe Group are very proud to bring Gogoro Smartscooters and battery-swapping to the Philippines, a transport ecosystem that  marries mobility innovation and sustainability,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO. “This year, Filipinos will have access to these electric two wheel vehicles and Gogoro’s convenient and cost-efficient battery-swapping technology, another first in the Philippines.”

“Our partnership with the Globe Group and Ayala Corporation in the Philippines is a major milestone in our mission to transform urban transportation and provide an accessible path for riders to adopt sustainable urban mobility and play a key role in battling climate change and making the world better for all,” said Horace Luke, Founder and CEO of Gogoro. “We look forward to working together to deliver a  sustainable transport system that will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and provide a superior riding experience for consumers in the Philippines.”


From left: Gogoro Founder and CEO, Horace Luke, and Globe Group President and CEO, Ernest Cu, riding Gogoro Smartscooters.

"The Gogoro ecosystem is very convenient as its swap-and-go technology allows riders to swap out depleted batteries for charged ones in just seconds and go on their way. With the current traffic situation in the metro, these Smartscooters® will serve as an eco-friendly alternative to ease congestion while at the same time reducing carbon emissions,” said Bernie Llamzon, Globe Capital Venture Holdings Inc. Director.

Available to the public in Q4

Gogoro Smartscooters and GoStations are currently undergoing pilot-testing among Globe employees. The information gathered is hoped to inform and guide the company once the product is rolled out to the public in Q4 of 2023. The company also plans to roll out more GoStations to support the sustainable mobility ecosystem. The scooters will initially be made available in Metro Manila. Globe has yet to announce their rollout in other major cities. Globe has not revealed an initial price yet, but has said acquiring these scooters will be made “very affordable.”