What makes a good workplace for Millennials and Gen Z?

How to get inspired and motivated in the office

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS Finding team members who share the same passion points help create a more inclusive environment at work

According to a recent survey by TalentLMS and BambooHR, flexibility, inclusion, engagement, and work-life balance are the top priorities for young professionals at work.

Bare walls, office cubicles, and harsh fluorescent lights are a deterrent for today’s employees.

Unlike the traditional setup our parents or our grandparents were used to, workplaces today are no longer about employees isolating themselves in a cubicle for eight hours or more a day. In the age of constant disruption, a creative work environment that inspires its team members has increasingly been the Holy Grail for companies seeking to capitalize on their most valuable asset—the people.
According to a recent survey by TalentLMS and BambooHR, flexibility, inclusion, engagement, and work-life balance are the top priorities for young professionals at work.

So how does this help in getting the job done? Generally, workspaces are designed to stimulate collaboration and productivity, and to reflect the company’s culture.

Bright, spacious, and quirky spaces to fuel creativity and collaboration? Check!

Being in the office can become very routine. The office must no longer be just a place to work. It should be a place that stimulates free flowing ideas that allow team members to work together and think outside the box.

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HAPPY TO BE HERE Work spaces are designed to stimulate collaboration and productivity and reflect the company’s culture

At Telus, the culture is apparent with themed meeting rooms to keep team huddles light, game rooms for a quick mind break, cafe-style eating areas for a communal feel, and artistic hoteling workspaces to increase collaboration.

“Team members are the heart and soul of every organization. They perform at their best when they are happy at work. Across all our sites, we inject fun features to keep work easy and interactive like themed meeting rooms and work areas. One way our team members can also take a mental break onsite is through our game rooms where they can choose to play billiards, darts, air hockey, videoke, or games,” said Warren Tait, global vice-president for brand, culture, and facilities at TELUS International. “More important, aside from inspiring workplace features, we have a deep understanding of mental wellness. That’s why we have mental health programs available throughout the year along with special interest groups to create a sense of belonging and help them keep balanced amid the different pressures and stress they may go through daily.”

Training for the actual work, providing access to continuous education
Find strength in the diverse backgrounds of its team members. Regardless of age, gender, educational, or professional background, there’s an opportunity for team members to thrive in the career path they embark on within the company.

From day one, new team members should have access to a variety of learning and development opportunities that promote leadership and continuous improvement. Provide employees with opportunities to better themselves through seminars, continuing education, talks, and many more.


Whether you’re a certified cat lady, Jimin stan, crochet artist, or part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you must be welcome.

Team members feel empowered when they can bring their whole selves to work and share their ideas with other people, thereby giving them a sense of purpose and belonging.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)—like an arts club, socio civic club, dance club, or other likeminded organizations—do play an integral role in opening opportunities for team members to be more involved in their workplace.

Another effective program at TIP is the Telus Days of Giving (TDOG), which allows team members to participate in volunteer activities that give back to communities they are a part of. Team members get a deeper appreciation of their role’s purpose and how their time and effort can make a difference in other people’s lives. Every year, through TDOG, TIP works with different non-profit organizations and local grassroot initiatives to provide them with funding and assistance or volunteers to help accomplish their goals in the community.