Groups back full LTMS utilization for all LTO transactions

Amid some issues and challenges in the full digital shift of all transactions in the Land Transportation Office (LTO), various business groups have expressed support for the proposal of the agency's Management Information Division (MID) for a full transition to the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS).

In a statement, the groups composed of executives of Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), Philippine Automotive Dealers Association (PADA), Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA), Philippine Transport Monitor (Philtram), and the Vox Dei Protocol Systems, Inc. said the full LTMS utilization will result in honest-to-goodness digital transformation that will benefit LTO clients.

AAP President Augustus Ferreria said the LTMS comes with modernization, transparency, and efficient public service to its members and the country’s motorists.

“The LTMS not only represents a significant technological leap but also assures a corruption-free environment - a vital factor in any national progressive goal. This move reflects a genuine commitment to enhancing the experience of owning a motor vehicle and we at AAP stand firmly in support of the government's efforts,” said Ferreria. 

The same expression of support for the IT system of the LTO was expressed by PADA president Willy Tee Ten and PIRA executive director Mitch Rellosa. 

"PADA welcomes and applauds the statement of 100% LTMS usage that LTO MID had just issued. PADA appreciates the tangible benefits that the new LTMS system has provided which resulted in faster turnaround registration time as well as quicker new plate assignment. PADA will continue to support the digitalization efforts of LTO,” said Ten in a statement. 

"We commend the laudable efforts of the LTO MID. As far as PIRA is concerned, there is a significant improvement on LTO's efforts to improve their database management. With LTMS exclusively handling renewal transactions, LTO has done a great service to the public by reducing their cost for registration. PIRA wholeheartedly supports these worthwhile actions of LTO,” Rellosa said.

MID's briefing memo

LTO chief Vigor D. Mendoza II earlier pushed for the full utilization of LTMS in compliance with President Marcos’ order for digital shift in all government agencies to ensure fast, efficient and comfortable services to the people. 

The LTMS was installed by German-led joint venture group Dermalog-Holy Family Printing Corp.

In its briefing memo, the LTO MID said the full transition to the LTMS will enable the LTO to have total control of their IT systems and secure their independence from private IT systems suppliers and contractors.

The LTMS, it said, is owned and in full control of the LTO.

"LTMS, being a government-owned system, presents several advantages over the previous LTO I.T System, which was owned by a private company, and has been in use since 1981. By transitioning to LTMS, we regain control and independence over our system, ensuring greater data security, privacy, and flexibility in managing our operations,"  the LTO IT experts said in a four-page memo briefing presented to Mendoza.  

"The government ownership of LTMS aligns perfectly with our commitment to public accountability and transparency. The full utilization of LTMS aligns perfectly with these endeavors, as it represents a cornerstone of digital transformation. By embracing LTMS, we contribute to the President's vision of a modernized, efficient, and technology-driven government,"  they added. 

The briefing memo was signed by LTO-MID acting chief Joseph Paul Petilla, Carlos Nicholas Vasquez, chief of the LTO's Client Care and Technical Support Section; Rodinio Ramos, chief of the Records Sectionand Claudio Bonsol, Jr., chief of the LTO's Computer Section.


The LTO MID said that while there were some issues and challenges in the full transition to the LTMS, these should not hinder the LTO from pushing towards 100 percent utilization of the new system.

"It is important to note that LTMS, like any other IT project, may not be a perfect system. However, the advantages of a government-owned system, the progress made in delivering LTMS, and the challenges we face with data migration and system completion should not overshadow the immense potential and benefits that LTMS could bring to the agency, its clients and stakeholders,"  the LTO IT experts said.

"Furthermore, LTMS may face its fair share of criticism and challenges, but it is through continuous improvement and addressing these issues that we can further enhance LTMS's functionality and ensure its long-term success,"  the IT experts said.

The IT experts said that they see the full utilization of the LTMS to lead to continuous improvements in our operations, service delivery, and client and stakeholder satisfaction. 

"It is an opportunity for us to embrace technological advancements, drive positive change within the agency, and ensure the efficient management of land transportation services in our country," they said. 

The MID recommendation was backed by Philtram President Martin de los Angeles who said that its members have already felt the improvements in the new IT system. 

“Faster drivers licenses and motor vehicle renewals. We are glad that finally the LTO’s MID will push for 100% use of LTMS, especially since it is the government-owned system which brings millions of savings to the motoring public,” he said. 

Vox Dei Protocol Systems, Inc. chief executive officer Catherine Mondejar said the system allows the Motor Vehicle owners and Driver’s License card holders to process renewals and registrations quickly.

“The performance of LTMS is outstanding and highly commendable.    Having the system in place is a leap in the modernization of the LTO through automation and technology,” said Mondejar.