Aftershocks from magnitude-6.8 quake in Sarangani to persist for 'several' days to weeks, says Phivolcs

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) announced on Saturday, Nov. 18, that aftershocks from the recent earthquake activity in Sarangani, Davao Occidental, may continue to be felt for "several days to weeks," with some potentially experienced in nearby provinces.


"We can expect aftershocks in the epicentral area. These aftershocks could persist for several days to weeks, and some may be felt in nearby provinces," said Phivolcs.

As of 6 p.m., Phivolcs had recorded a total of 69 aftershocks with a magnitude range of 1.4 to 3.9 following the magnitude 6.8 earthquake that struck Sarangani, Davao Occidental, on Nov. 17.

Among the recorded earthquakes, 39 earthquakes have been plotted, while four tremors were felt, according to Phivolcs.

Phivolcs advised the public to be prepared for aftershocks and to follow the "drop, cover, and hold" action to protect themselves if another strong earthquake occurs.

"In homes and offices, heavy furniture and appliances should be strapped to the walls, and hanging objects securely fastened to prevent them from causing injuries," said Phivolcs.

Phivolcs also mentioned that the public should be cautious of structures that may have been damaged or weakened by the magnitude-6.8 earthquake to avoid further damages that could cause injuries.

Phivolcs recommended contacting the Municipal or City Engineering Office to inspect infrastructures and buildings.

"Structurally compromised buildings should not be reoccupied unless certified safe by structural engineers," it added.

Meanwhile, due to the occurrence of the earthquake, Phivolcs advised the public that landslides, rock falls, and other types of mass movement may also be expected on sloping terrains, particularly in areas near mountains or hills.

The earthquake, however, "does not indicate" volcanic activity, as it is tectonic in origin. Nevertheless, Phivolcs stated that it will "closely" monitor earthquake events that may affect the activity of the Parker Volcano — the nearest active volcano in Sarangani.