Marcos finds destabilization plot vs Carlos unlikely

ZURICH, Switzerland — President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. does not believe that there were people in government who undermined political science professor Clarita Carlos during her stint as his National Security Adviser (NSA).

President-elect Bongbong Marcos (left) meets with retired UP Professor Clarita Carlos (BBM Media Bureau)

Marcos said this after Carlos told One News that critics who wanted her out in government had been trying to besmirch her reputation "since Day 1" (of her stint as NSA).

Carlos stepped down from the position earlier this month. She was replaced by former Interior Secretary Eduardo Año.

In an interview with Manila-based reporters here, the President said he did not believe that there who worked to derail her job as NSA.

"She felt that there were people who were moving against her in government. Ako I didn’t, I kept telling her, I don’t really think so," he said.

Marcos reiterated that Carlos probably got tired of the position.

"I guess she just found it too much --- she didn’t enjoy her time in government which --- you know, if we think about it, it’s not really surprising because that’s not her natural habitat," he said.

"Her natural habitat is the academe. And so now, she will be in a think tank which is perfect for her," he added.

Meanwhile, President Marcos said he was not keen on the idea that government workers should resign merely because of criticisms, especially since he recruited them because he believed in their abilities.

"I asked them to join the Cabinet. I asked them to join the government because I have belief in them," he said.

"I trust them. I believe in their capabilities and I believe that they are --- their love of country. And so, somebody criticizing them for something is not enough to change my opinion," he added.