What Bea and Alden learned from each other in 'Start-Up PH'

The cast of 'Start Up PH'

Start-up PH broke ground for Bea Alonzo when it premiered on GMA Pinoy TV last Sept. 26. Playing the role of Dani, it is her first series for GMA ever since she signed an exclusive contract with the network in 2021. It is also her first time to be paired with Kapuso stars Alden Richards and Yasmien Kurdi.

A lot of people are naturally curious to know how Bea and Alden got along on the set. It turns out they have two different personalities when it comes to work. Bea is the more serious one, while Alden was described by Bea as "very playful and happy."

The beauteous actress had this to say about Alden, who plays the role of Tristan on Start-up PH: "Kadalasan may pagka-serious ako pagdating sa trabaho. Natutunan ko sa kanya na you don't have to take so many things seriously. Minsan pwede ka rin mag-enjoy."

For his part, Alden admitted that his usual style was "petiks and chill" but he realized that he had to be on his toes to be on the same plane as Bea. "She always gave her 100 percent every taping day. There was no instance where she didn't memorize her lines, so it put good pressure on all of us."

Bea Alonzo (Facebook)

Bea revealed that her "adjustment period"with her new network was hassle-free, but even so, she still had to put in the extra effort to make her colleagues feel at home with her.

"I'm always on my toes to let them feel na ok ako ka-trabaho. I always try to be the best version of myself in front of them," the award-winning star said.

Bea stated that as she got older, she learned to relax and loosen up a bit.

"When I was in my teenage years, I cared so much about what other people said about me. Now that I'm in my 30s, I care less about that and focus more on what makes me happy. I enjoy every moment now, unlike before when there was a shadow of fear and pressure," she mused.

Alden Richards (Facebook)

Alden is most proud of the final product of Start-up PH after they worked on it for seven months under the expert direction of Jerry Sineneng and Dominic Zapata.

"There's always a challenge doing adaptations kasi pag sinabi mong adaptation, may tinitingnan tayong benchmark. I'd like to believe our show went beyond what's expected with the help of the directors, the creatives, the cast… everyone!," Alden noted.

Start-up PH also stars Gabby Eigenmann, Jeric Gonzales, Gina Alajar, Jackie Lou Blanco, Ayen Muni-Laurel, Lovely Rivero, Kim Domingo, Boy2 Quizon, Royce Cabrera, Nino Muhlach, Tim Yap, Kevin Santos, Jay Arcilla and Brianna Bunagan.