Chot Reyes: Boo and bash me all you want, just support the players

Gilas head coach Chot Reyes doesn't mind receiving all the hate and negativity for as long as his players would continue to receive the same amount of love and support from their fans.

Gilas head coach Chot Reyes (center) (FIBA)

Reyes, who has been in hot water since taking over coaching duties for the national team last February, caught all the stones thrown at him in the form of loud boos and heckling from spectators as Gilas eked out an emphatic 84-46 win against Saudi Arabia in the fourth window of the FIBA World Cup Asian qualifiers Monday night, Aug. 29.

When he was introduced to the crowd, it was quite an unpleasant atmosphere inside the arena as the crowd shouted boos meant for Reyes.

And every time his face was flashed on the screen, the same thing happens.

But Reyes, having been in the same situation for the past couple of months, got used to it and just reminded Gilas faithful to continue supporting the team and the players.

As far as the hate and heckling are concerned, he's more than willing to take it all for as long as the players will be left out of it.

"You know how many haters I have but I know that there are also supporters," said the 59-year-old Reyes. "Bus as long as I can inspire one or two individuals, then it's all worth is. As long as we have the players together in that locker room.

"So for me, I'd much rather get boo'd by the crowd than the players getting bood. Boo-hin niyo na ako nang todo, 'wag lang nilang i-boo yong mga players.

Reyes, who is also head coach of the TNT Tropang Giga, also reiterated that there is "no individual consideration" involved when he was reintroduced as the national team head coach.

His service, being in the post as Gilas' tactician, is all for the flag and the country, added Reyes.

"There is no "me" in this whole thing for me. The only reason I'm doing this is for the country. This is just my service for the flag and the country. And, like what I told my players in the locker room, the relationship, the bonds that we built.

"I'm willing to take all of that (hate), all of that, as Jordan (Clarkson) says, 'all of that s***," he added.

Clarkson, in the same press conference, also called for a halt to all the hate and negativity surrounding Reyes.