NCAP not yet implemented in Muntinlupa 

The no-contact apprehension policy (NCAP) has not been implemented in Muntinlupa City.

This was the clarification made by Mayor Ruffy Biazon, saying he has not issued any statement on whether to implement it or not.

“Muntinlupa City has not yet implemented NCAP, even though the previous administration entered into the contract. Also, I have not given any statement yet on whether we will implement it or not,” posted Biazon on Twitter to correct a news article by a media outlet (not the Manila Bulletin) that reported that NCAP was in effect in Muntinlupa.

Alabang viaduct in Muntinlupa (Photo from Juan Masunurin on Facebook)

Danidon Nolasco, head of the Muntinlupa Traffic Management Bureau (MTMB), also said NCAP is not yet implemented in the city.

In October last year, the Muntinlupa City Council passed Ordinance 2021-280 implementing the no-contact apprehension program (NCAP) in Muntinlupa.

Under the ordinance, NCAP “pertains to the sending of a notice of violation to the address of the registered owner of a vehicle based on the Land Transportation Office (LTO) database who commits the violations defined in this Ordinance as recorded by TECs without the physical apprehension by a traffic enforcer.”

It mandates that “the City Government on its own or through a Joint Venture or Service Agreement shall cause the installation of Traffic Enforcement Cameras (TECs) in intersections and motorways within the City. The TECs are electric devices that automatically take high speed, high resolution photos and videos of vehicle committing the violations defined in this chapter.”

The ordinance designated the City of Muntinlupa Traffic Adjudication Board for the “exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide cases involving violations of all traffic rules and regulations, including violations caught and recorded by the TECs within the City.”

The traffic rules covered by NCAP in the Muntinlupa ordinance are counterflow driving, disobedience to traffic control signals and signs, obstruction of the pedestrian lane, stopping on a yellow box, over speeding, reckless driving, failure to wear the prescribed seatbelt device, failure to use motorcycle helmets, anti-distracted driving, driving an unregistered vehicle, failure to attach or improper attachment/tampering of authorized vehicle license plate and/or third plate sticker, and disregarding lane markings.

Violators will be fined P3,000 for the first offense, P4,000 for the second, and P5,000 for the third.