DepEd on resolving the P2.4-B laptop issue: ‘We are doing everything that we can’

The Department of Education (DepEd) on Wednesday, Aug. 10, assured that it is “doing everything” it can to address concerns involving “pricey yet outdated” laptops purchased for its teachers last year.

(DepEd file photo)

In a press conference, DepEd Spokesperson Michael Poa gave updates related to the Commission on Audit (COA) report flagging the agency for “overpriced and outdated” laptops the Procurement Service of the Department of Budget and Management (PS-DBM) bought on its behalf.

Poa said that DepEd is currently “coordinating closely” with the COA and the new administration of PS-DBM it can answer the Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM) and provide the documents needed by state auditors.

“We are doing everything that we can and we are coordinating with these two agencies,” Poa said.


Addressing the issue, Poa says PS-DBM procured the laptops on behalf of DepEd because “they have the expertise.”

To help the teacher-beneficiaries who might be having issues with the issued laptops, Poa said that DepEd would also be evaluating the said units through a survey.

In a separate message sent to reporters via Viber, Poa said that DepEd “will be evaluating the claim that the laptops are slow” and “we will see if there can be a quick fix.”

If the said laptops delivered are proven not to perform as they should be as purchased, Poa said that DepEd “will then consider available legal remedies” --- which is to invoke the warranty provision.

“If need be, invoking the warranty provision will be done in coordination with PS-DBM, as they are the procuring entity,” Poa said.

Poa said that as an immediate measure, DepEd is currently coordinating with the PS-DBM to provide the additional responses asked by COA. It is also trying to "internally address" the concerns of teachers regarding the performance of the said laptops.

In its 2023 budget, DepEd said there is a provision for learning materials --- including gadgets for teachers.