Diego Castro: 'I am really happy for JD and Raffa'

Actor-turned-newscaster Diego Castro has followed Isko Moreno's lead.

He opened up to PEP.Ph recently about his daughter Raffa and Joaquin Domagoso being parents already.

“I am a very proud lolo and I am really happy for JD and Raffa," the husband of broadcast journalist Angela Lagunzad said.

“Now I know how my parents felt when they held my children in their arms, an overwhelming feeling of love kaya pala grandparents tend to spoil their apos," Diego added, referring to TV personalities Angelo Castro and June Keithley.

The father of Kapuso sexy actress Claire Castro reiterated that he will always be there to support Raffa, JD, and his apo, Scott.

In an article published on Modern Parenting prior, Isko deemed it as a "blessing."