Tim Connor hopes issues between Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji will be resolved peacefully

Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor (Instagram)

Tim Connor, a friend of former beauty queen-turned-entrepreneur Maggie Wilson, has reacted to the issue involving Maggie and her former husband Victor Consunji.

Tim made the reaction in a post on Instagram. He also asked the public to respect people's family lives.

His full post on IG Story:

In December 2021, Tim denied rumors he and Maggie were in a romantic relationship.

Maggie shared a post from Tim’s Instagram Story.

“We both get asked this countless times a day. Despite what you may have heard to be absolutely clear, neither @WilsonMaggie nor I had an affair with each other,” wrote Tim.

Maggie and Tim have appeared together on the cover of a Dubai-based lifestyle magazine.

On Sept. 27, 2021, Maggie announced her breakup with Victor. They were married for almost 11 years. They have a son, Connor.

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