Comelec says winning bets and PL groups may still file SOCE after June 8

Winning candidates and party-list groups in the May 2022 polls may still file their Statement of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) after June 8.


James Jimenez of the Comelec Education and Information Department explained that the June 8 deadline in relation to the 2022 National and Local polls is final and non-extendible, "except for winning candidates and party list groups."

He said this citing Comelec Resolution No. 9991, as amended by Resolution No. 10505, which governs campaign finance and disclosure.

"Winning candidates who fail to file SOCE are barred from assuming office," Jimenez said in a statement.

"The office of an elected candidate who failed to file their SOCE shall be deemed vacant until they have complied and submitted their SOCE within a period of six months from proclamation," added Jimenez.

After the lapse of said period, he said, a "permanent vacancy" occurs.