De Lima hails incoming Nat’l Security Adviser Carlos’ remarks vs red-tagging

Opposition Senator Leila de Lima welcomed the remarks of incoming National Security Adviser (NSA) Clarita Carlos who expressed her disapproval of red-tagging, which has become rampant under the Duterte administration.

De Lima said she hopes that the next administration could properly address the decades-old communist insurgency in the Philippines with respect to the rule of law.

The senator noted that under the Duterte administration, red-tagging has become the norm for the government to threaten and harass human rights defenders, activists, members of the opposition and progressive organizations that call and fight for justice, truth and democracy.

“Prof. Carlos's pronouncement that the incoming administration should address the lack of opportunity and injustice is a step in the right direction in our fight against decades-old communist insurgency in the country,” de Lima said in a statement.

A former University of the Philippines (UP) professor, Carlos said that she disapproves of red-tagging, maintaining that nothing can be gained from it.

Carlos also disapproved of labeling them as such saying it is much better for the governemnt to put its energy “on the operational aspects of really rooting, looking at the roots of insurgency, the lack of opportunity, and injustices that are not addressed by the government.”

Given Carlos’ pronouncement, de Lima said she hopes that the culture of violence and red-tagging in the country will stop, once and for all.

“We hope that the government will always remember that the fight against insurgency is not a fight against truth-seekers and human rights defenders; and by addressing its root causes instead of red-tagging people, our hopes are high that we can win the fight against insurgency,” she stressed.