Getting to know Celeste Cortesi

She was among top favorites predicted to win the prestigious Miss Universe Philippines crown.

And why not? Silvia Celeste Rambini Cortesi has it all -- beauty, body, brains.

The stunning mestiza of Filipino-Italian descent, already proved her mettle prior, winning the Miss Earth Philippines title in 2018, going on to represent the country at the Miss Earth 2018 pageant, where she almost won again, finishing superbly among the Top 8.

Before that, Cortesi won the first edition of Miss Philippines Earth-Italy pageant in Rome.

And to think she did it all that before turning 24 last December 15.

Prior to competing as beauty queen, Cortesi was busy as model in Italy.

But she was actually born in Pasay, Metro Manila.

Her mom is Bicolano, from Camarine Sur.

She is quite close to her as evident in her winning answer at the Q & A portion of the MUPH tilt.

When asked “If you could stop time for a day, how would you spend it?”

To which she replied, “If I could stop time, I would spend it with my family, especially my mother. It’s been two years since I haven’t spent time with my family because they live in Italy, and I came here in the Philippines just by myself. If I had a chance to spend one day, I would definitely be with my mom, and I would just tell her how much I love her and I miss her.”

His Italian dad, on the other hand, was born in Venezuela.

He instilled in her a passion for poems, stories.

Cortesi shared, “Whenever I feel nervous, whenever I feel pressured, I always remember his poems, and always remember him telling it to me and my sister.”

It is among her hopes to inspire more women to value reading.

She said, “I would tell young women to first of all, read. If you read, you will be able to be aware of what’s happening in your country and also all over the world. You have to remember that reading information is key and power.”

Apart from pageantry, Cortesi is busy pursuing real estate license.

Her hobbies include meditating, working out, and going to the beach.

She is in a relationship with Filipino national football player Mathew Custodio.

She was romantically linked prior to actor Joseph Marco.

Many believe Cortesi has what it takes to go all the way, winning the Miss Universe title just like fellow mestizas Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray before her.

Of course, it’s too early to tell but judging how she graciously carried herself at the MUPH competition, as with the passion and hard work she puts in in everything she does, Cortesi is a definite winner no matter what.