Marcos administration to be vlogger-friendly?

The prospective administration of leading presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos will be quite accommodating to vloggers.

(John Esperancilla/ Unsplash)

This can be gleaned from the statement of Marcos spokesperson and chief-of-staff, lawyer Vic Rodriguez, who on Wednesday afternoon, May 11, was asked whether or not vloggers would be accredited along with traditional media under the incoming administration.

"If that's the set-up now, I don’t see any reason bakit natin dapat baguhin (why we should change it)," Rodriguez said during a press conference at the BBM headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

"If it's not the set-up now, I think it's a good point that you have raised," he told the journalist who asked the question.

"Maybe we should also consider the vloggers kasi nga nag-transition na din tayo (we've seen the transformation) from the media that we use to know, nag-shift na into (it has shifted into the) digital platform," he added.

Vlogging practically became a cottage industry during the campaign period for the May 9 polls as content creators on the Internet embraced producing commentary on political topics.