DepEd beefs up transformative learning for Filipino learners, future young leaders

In line with its efforts to promote transformative learning in education, the Department of Education (DepEd) enjoined students, teachers, and parents to engage and experience game-based learning.

(Image courtesy of DepEd)

“This gamified tool captures the attention of our young learners because it's easy to use and entertaining,” Education Secretary Leonor Briones said, referring to DepEd’s partnership with Microsoft Philippines through the Minecraft Education Edition: (M: EE) DepEd Active Citizen Campaign.

The DepEd Active Citizen Campaign brings together stories of identified Noble Peace laureates and challenges learners to be engaged, passionate, and diligent change-makers, all inside Minecraft: Education Edition.

“This is a great opportunity for learners and educators to understand the life of Nobel Peace laureates and encourage them to be active citizens of the world,” Briones said.

M: EE is designed to encourage the use of game-based learning with easy-to-use lesson plans, worlds, and resources to create richer classroom experiences, at the same time, support the continuous activation and roll-out of Microsoft 365 through the utilization of M: EE licenses.

DepEd, through the Youth Formation Division (YFD) and Information Communication Technology Service (ICTS), introduced the latest in transformative learning for learners and future young leaders nationwide.

“As active members of our community, our responsibility is to ensure the welfare, safety, and implementation of peace and order to make the lives of everyone harmonious and be a contributor to the development and growth of our beloved nation,” EdTech Unit Head Mark Sy explained.

Sy added that Minecraft for education edition is not only a gamified tool for playing, but it “instills values formation by bringing out the best in learners upon following the guidance scenarios and putting by heart the life skills and lessons imparted to every virtual world.”

DepEd explained that the live lesson campaign featured lectures and exercises “where viewers can acquire transferable skills and a compassionate attitude to see the good in each person and use these things to make them better leaders in the future.”

Furthermore, DepEd said that the activity also “encourages students, teachers, and parents to reflect and build on what they have learned by using DepEd Active Citizen tool.”