Man thanks Derek Ramsay for standing up for him against attackers

Derek Ramsay recently took to social media to share with followers a message he received from a man named Chuck Waite.

There, Chuck reminded Derek about their time together at Cheltenham College in England.

"Hey Derek, not sure if you remember me from Cheltenham College(!) but we were in the same house, Boyne," the message read.

"You helped me out a lot and stood up for me when I got attacked by 8-10 people with hockey sticks in the courtyard. Long time ago of course, but sending thanks all the same," he added.

Chuck also remembered how kind Derek was to him "at a time I was small and afraid at times.”

“It has stuck with me all these years. And now I’m a dad I respect it even more."

In the caption, Derek wrote, "This made my day. Great to reconnect with you Chuck Waite and glad to hear you are doing well."

A follower asked Derek why he posted Chuck’s message.

He explained, "Knowing that you helped someone earlier in their life and seeing how that person is doing well right now is a great feeling."

"I posted so that we all can be reminded how important little acts of kindness can go a long way. With that said I hope you have a great life," he added.