Is David Chua Hollywood-bound?

Irene Ang with David Chua

While everyone else is prepping up for Christmas here in Manila, actor/director hied off to Los Angeles, California last Dec. 20 for a short vacation—or so he claims.

But could it also be possible that he's cooking up something for his much-awaited big break in Hollywood?

Based on his Instagram timeline, David flew to Singapore last November for some tourism-related shoots with his Rated Korina team. While there, he hooked up with actress/comedienne and FLY Entertainment founder/CEO Irene Ang, who has garnered acclaim as one of Singapore's most influential talent agents.

She was the former manager of Henry Golding, who gained worldwide acclaim for his role in the 2018 romcom/drama flick, Crazy Rich Asians.

As David himself shared in a recent newspaper interview, "It was an eventful meeting with Irene. She was trying to convince me to stay in Singapore for three months, just so we could find potential projects for me. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay long because I have my own responsibilities in Manila."

Irene Ang with Henry Golding

"But she also told me that there are lots of opportunities in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and she felt that she could easily make a pitch for me there because of my chinito looks. She even told me I looked like Jerry Yan, aka Dao Ming Si."

"But what's great about her is that her sphere of influence isn't just in the Asian region. With her wealth of experience, she's made extensive contacts in Hollywood as well. What I admire about her is that she's doing her part in empowering Asian actors and she's very determined in giving them fair representation in the global film industry, including Hollywood."

"In fact, we even talked about collaborating on an online casting app that could be the big break that a lot of talented and deserving Filipino actors need to get set foot in Hollywood."

With his extensive network of insiders in local showbiz, it won't be surprising if David is already hatching negotiations with LA-based movie outfits.

If ever, his Hollywood big break could very well be the icing on the cake to his very productive 2022, highlighted by his participation in the trendsetting GMA-7/Regal Studios chinoyserye Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune, his memorable stint as juror at the 2022 SOHO International Film Festival in New York last October, his unforgettable encounter with the Miss Grand International 2022 queens and VIPs who visited Manila, and his busy taping schedule for an upcoming NET25 teleserye called Good Will.