LA Tenorio, Justin Brownlee show quirky side in ‘lie detector game’ video


Usually in serious faces during PBA games, Ginebra players Justin Brownlee and LA Tenorio showed their quirky sides in an appearance in Rec•Create’s recent YouTube video posted on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Screenshot from Rec•Create

In the video, the two played the lie detector drinking game where they asked each other set of questions and the one who’s caught lying will be shocked and will have to take a shot.

It was a funny interaction between the two as they tried to answer intriguing questions such as "who has the better basketball IQ between them?", "who is Brownlee’s favorite Ginebra teammate?" and "who should take the last shot when the game is on the line?"

Turning serious though, Tenorio couldn’t be more grateful to share the same side of the court with Brownlee after their successful six-year run together, not just as teammates but also good pals off the court.

“I must say that, honestly, I will not get all these awards and everyone in the team, we’re not gonna get that if not because of you,” said the veteran point guard who revealed that he had purposely reserved a room for Brownlee in his newly built house.

Brownlee, for his part, was equally grateful to Tenorio who he fondly called as "kuya" and "pri" throughout the video for welcoming him with open arms when he came into the country back in 2016.

“Thank you for everything when I came to Ginebra, I couldn't ask for a better 'kuya'. You welcomed me with open arms. It's just a blessing to be part of your legacy and even off the court I got time with your family. I love you kuya or 'pri’,” chuckled Brownlee.

Interestingly, both Brownlee and Tenorio have the chance to add another title to their already colorful partnership as Barangay Ginebra finished the 2022 PBA Commissioner’s Cup with a 9-3 record and still has the chance to claim one of the two coveted twice-to-beat advantages in the quarterfinals depending on the result of the final day of eliminations.

Tenorio said they like their chances but there’s still a lot of room for improvement for their team.

“Honestly we can win the championship. But the way we’re playing right now, I don’t think we can win the championship because we’re still in the process of doing the system properly. But if you’re gonna ask me if we're gonna win the championship, of course, we want to win the championship,” said the veteran guard.