Bacolod fast-tracks garbage collection

BACOLOD CITY – Mayor Alfredo Abelardo ‘’Albee’’ Benitez ordered the contractor and the Department of Public Services (DPS) on Friday, Nov. 18, to fast-track the collection of garbage here delayed by the damaged road leading to the sanitary landfill in Barangay Felisa.

A GARBAGE truck struggles to traverse a road in Barangay Felisa, Bacolod City leading to the sanitary landfill due to soil erosion caused by severe tropical storm ‘Paeng.’ (Bacolod PIO)

Benitez told the contractor and the DPS to increase the number of trucks to catch up with the backlog in garbage collection. He said they should be able to accelerate and return to normal operations after the road became passable.

The road damaged by soil erosion caused by heavy rains from severe tropical storm ‘’Paeng’’ prevented the contractor from bringing solid waste to the site and delayed garbage collection for about a week.

Assistant City Engr. Ephraim Hechanova said the city is concreting the dirt road and has allocated P10 million for the project which resumed this month.

Hechanova said the city still has a problem to deal with the lot owner that prevented trucks from passing by the property. However, he said that already had discussions with the lot owner and he is positive that they could reach an agreement soon.