Why Carlo Aquino lost 'Squid Game' part

Carlo Aquino recently revealed he was supposed to be part of the hit Netflix series "Squid Game."

Apparently, "Squid Game" director Hwang Dong Hyuk asked him to audition for a part there after seeing his performance in 2019's "Isa Pa With Feelings."

Carlo actually passed the audition but didn't make it to the actual shoot due to travel restrictions brought on by the ongoing pandemic.

He has since realized that his role was supposed to be that of Ali, which eventually went to Indian actor Tripathi Anupam.

Carlo admitted regret losing the part.

“Hinayang na hinayang din naman talaga ako eh, ‘di ba trending ang 'Squid Game' eh. Tsaka ang galing na makagawa ka ng ganung istorya na parang nasa malaking warehouse lang ‘yung shoot pero sobrang engaging nung series eh.”


“Squid Game” is a nine-episode series on Netflix starring Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo and Wi Ha-joon. The story revolves around a group of people who risk their lives in a mysterious survival game with a ₩45.6 billion prize.