Isko Moreno opens up about the dark side, says he has nothing to hide

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno (center) poses with the stars of 'Yorme' Xian Lim (left) and McCoy de Leon during courtesy call at the Manila City Hall on June 17.

With the national elections just 11 months away, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno couldn't help but remember the time when his political rivals scattered his sexy photos all over the city which was meant to discredit him during the campaign.

During an interview with the entertainment press at the Manila City Hall on Thursday night June 17, Moreno opened up about his dark side saying he has nothing to hide.

"Remember when my political rivals used my sexy photos during the election. In the pictures, I was only wearing briefs. That particular photo was taken by the late Douglas Quijano by the pool. He was the manager of Richard Gomez. May he rest in peace," Moreno said.

"Wala naman maitatago pa sa akin. Bulatlat na ang buhay ko. May ups and downs, may challenges. It was made public. It's an open book," he added. (I have nothing to hide. My life is an open book).

Moreno, 46, pointed out that he is proud of his roots in show business.

"I am not ashamed of this. Anything na ginawa ko sa showbiz, I'm happy I survived. In portraying characters, there are challenging scenes, and I'm happy when I give justice to a particular scene. And sometimes it requires extra ability and guts to do it," the good-looking city mayor said.

Moreno was reacting to the scenes that will be featured in the musical film "Yorme" starring Xian Lim and McCoy de Leon. Xian and McCoy said they were excited to meet Isko for the first time since they got involved in the movie.

Edith Fider, producer of the film, said that the fee for the copyrights to the film and the mayor's talent fee have all been donated to an institution.

"He did not mention any particular institution where the money should be donated. It's up to us. So we decided to donate it to the University of the Philippines Film Institute," said Fider, of Saranggola Media Productions.

Almost two years in the making, Fider said that the musical "Yorme" has two more shooting days to go. "We shot not only in Manila but also in nearby provinces. We also went to Pampanga where we recreated the Smokey Mountain."

Fider said that the production of the movie was delayed due to the pandemic.

Moreno confirmed he did not earn or accept any single centavo from the producers of the movie. "If I could be an inspiration to the people through this film, then I'd be willing to help. I don't need their money. I am not here to increase my bank account balance. I am here to serve and inspire."

Asked if he would run in 2022, Moreno said: "Let's just work."

Moreno also revealed a plan for the Philippine entertainment industry.

Given the chance, Isko said that he would ban foreign shows on local free television.

"With all honesty, theoretically, someday I will ban foreign TV shows on free TV. It doesn't produce actors, it doesn't produce talents, it doesn't produce jobs," he said. "It only produces income for a particular corporation, but it doesn't produce jobs for our local artists."

Moreno added: "Pansinin ninyo ngayon, puro canned shows, wala na po-produce na trabaho - cameramen, make-up artists, catering, the entire production. If our people realize how many people behind the camera, then they will realize kung saan nangagaling ang hugot ko. Ipapalabas pa rin naman natin ang foreign movies dito pero priority natin ang Filipino movies and Filipino products in terms of visuals, the arts."