Netizen calls out Alice Dixson for supposedly 'bending' vaccination policies

An Instagram user criticized Alice Dixson for getting her second vaccine dose here.

The actress made public the matter via social media showing how she obtaining her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine at Sta Ana Hospital.

Note that prior, she also shared having been inoculated with her first dose while abroad.

The netizen wrote, "She had the privilege to get vaccinated in the US pala, sana tinapos na nya dun. Nasayang pa yung isang dose. (She had the privilege to get vaccinated in the US, she should have completed everything there. The other dose just got wasted.)

The netizen added, "Also, I’m from Manila too and they won't vaccinate you unless you show your Manila vaccination card showing na sa Manila ka rin nag first dose. So how come she got vaccinated?"

The confused online user even tagged Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to "enlighten" her about the use and purpose of the Manila vaccination card.

Alice reacted to the matter.

She asked: "Shouldn’t our system be flexible?"

"Remove the ‘artista’ or special treatment out of the equation... Paano ka for example if you were in my shoes? What would you do? Ako kasi, inabanngan ko po talaga ang pag dating ng Pfizer sa Pilipinas kaya nagregister din ako like everyone; Then shinare ko dito yun sites & link process. Other kababayans do not need Pfizer and can still get other brands as guided in the public info links provided. Know that everything will work itself out because more vaccines are coming & everyone will get vaccinated. Wala po masasayang," she added.

But this only served to further frustrate the netizen who answered back: "You said SHOULDN’T OUR SYSTEM BE FLEXIBLE? So you’re saying the system should bend for you? Isn’t that much of an entitlement? It’s not our problem if you chose to get vaccinated in the US and not wait for your second dose. So why should the system adjust for your personal choices? Kung magbebend sya for you, shouldn’t it bend for everyone else in difficult situations?"

She pointed out how Alice is "taking advantage of," and "bending policies" showing "lack of discipline."

She then told netizens, "Best thing to do is admit she did wrong LOL and stop pretending na sumunod sa protocols when clearly she did not. Simple as that. It’s not bashing if it’s calling out something that’s clearly wrong."