Why Andi Eigenmann refuses to have selfies with tourists in Siargao

Andi Eigenmann has finally addressed the issue that she's been refusing to selfies with tourists in Siargao.

"This post is not to discredit Andi but we just want to know if the humble Andi on social media is the same as Andi in real life because I and my guests experienced that we wanted to take a picture with her twice but she didn't allow us. When you heard about Siargao, one of the things that comes to your mind is their love story. So we're excited to meet and take a picture with them but everything seems to be the opposite. We don't judge her. We just want to know what your experience was when you tried to take a picture with her. Thanks," an online user wrote on a Facebook group.

In a series of Instagram stories, Andi explained her side and appealed for respect and privacy while they live in Siargao.

"So dati nag no lang ako and I expect people to understand na wala eh, I quit showbiz na so fo figure it na lang. But then, now, I understand that's not the case because of our YouTube channel," Andi started.

"Of course, I find it super cool that you know, you love watching our videos and seeing more of our kids every day or that has become your stress relievers. And I find it amazing that there are a lot of you that think that our life out here is something to admire or something to achieve, 'di ba, for yourself. But of course, I also hope that you would understand that I'm human also and there are reasons, there are a lot of reasons why I move here to the island.

"Parang ang daya naman if sabihin niyo sa akin na 'Kung ayaw mo magpa-picture, 'wag ka lumabas.' 'Di ba, paano ako 'di lalabas?"

"We would say when we can but may mga times na hindi talaga namin kaya and I hope you guys, if you really watch our family or support us and love us, sana you would understand tao lang din kami kagaya niyo," she said.

Andi also criticized tourists trespassing on her place.

"We also know that the island is very small and it's so easy to look for our house. Naiintindihan namin na maraming pumapasok sa bahay namin kasi wala pa kaming gate; it's supposed to be B&B (bed and breakfast) or resort but that us not yet going to happen," she said.

"We don't know yet when. We're still enjoying this place as our home and I hope just like you guys, kapag nasa bahay kayo, it's a place of rest."

"Honestly, we're super happy that you want to meet us, or you want to see us when you go here sa Siargao pero 'di naman po namin pinatayo 'yung bahay namin para pasukin.

"Like when we're out, yun lang, we do, I do try my best to say yes when I can. Of course, when I'm attending to my kids I really won't or kung nagmamadali 'di ba? Pero I would. But then in our home, I really, really hope that you guys would respect our privacy and realize that we're also humans and when we're home, we need also to feel that we're safe and that it is a place that we can just enjoy being wth each other in private, with our family."

Andi has decided to stay away from the limelight and live in Siargao, where her fiance Philmar Alipayo was born and raised.

In March, Andi and her family flew back to Siargao after giving birth to her third child.

Prior, Andi opened up her reason for choosing a simple life in Siargao over show business.

Then she also cited the importance of living simply.