Flix the Net


Jullie Y. Daza

But for a case of perfect timing, I would have missed the last few (of 24) episodes of the Korean version of War and Peace, a colossal production about Korea’s war against Japanese invaders in the early 1900’s. Unlike most K-drama couch potatoes, I didn’t have the luxury of bingeing nonstop on a series until, in the nick of time, I caught its exciting, exacting action-drama-love story ending minutes before Netflix died and nixed being fixed.

As astrologer Zenaida Seva explained it, that was Mercury going into retrograde on Jan. 31, affecting in particular the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo, both ruled by Mercury. Was it the Internet? It wasn’t. Netflix’ fault? Not really, although friends complained of similar disruptions. After a PLDT techie checked our set, the sun came out and “Mr. Sunshine” ended as it should, wholly satisfying. But 20 minutes after the repairman left, the sunshine dimmed when Netflix “detected an error.” Back to black, then, with words in white telling me to watch something else.

As Z puts it, “This is a period of confusion, delays, deception in matters related to communication and transportation; expect mobile phones and computers to go crazy. The retrograde slows us down to rethink and review our actions and plans” (remember to ask for a warranty when buying an appliance or a car).

Herself a “victim” of a temperamental computer that forced her to miss a deadline, Z advised against signing contracts and binding documents at this time. Read everything twice, thrice, ask questions, check and double-check travel schedules. You said it, Z, my Gemini granddaughter’s trip to Baguio has just been canceled on the mayor’s order: “No tourists allowed until further announcement.”

A retrograde occurs three times a year, each lasting three weeks.

Until a technological miracle happens, I won’t be getting my money’s worth of Netflix or a worthy successor to Mr. Sunshine. I don’t even know the names of its lead actors. All I have is information to the effect that Mr. Sunshine was No. 2 among the top 20 K-dramas aired nationwide on Korean cable TV, beating “Crash Landing on You,” which was No. 6. Top 1 was “World of the Married,” no better, no worse than our own hair-tearing love-triangle soaps.