K-pop band Pentagon’s Hui enlists in the military

Pentagon’s Hui sporting short hair for his military service (Instagram, Twitter)

K-pop boy band Pentagon’s leader Hui, 27, has enlisted in the military to fulfill the mandatory duty of all able-bodied Korean men.

Hui entered the Nonsan Army Training Center in South Chungcheong province, South Korea on Feb. 18 and was accompanied by bandmates Shinwon and Yuto.

At the training center, Hui will undergo four weeks of basic military training before starting his duty as a public service worker.

He was originally scheduled to enlist last Dec. 3 but it was delayed as he went under quarantine after appearing on TV with a person who tested positive coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

“I will go back in good health. I love you,” Hui told fans in a post on Twitter along with a photo of him on his way to the training camp.

He is the second member of Pentagon to fulfill military service after member Jinho enlisted in May last year.

When Pentagon made their comeback last October with the 10th mini-album “WE:TH,” Hui was asked during the group’s online media showcase about his military service.

“I am at the point where I may have to follow the footsteps of Jinho shortly. I haven't really thought about our future plans yet because regardless of whether I am with my teammates or not, they are so talented that they will certainly be able to make up for my absence,” he said.

Hui added, “I just happen to do what I'm doing. Any one of my teammates can do it too. If Hui is not around, someone else can be the new Hui. We are primarily focusing on promoting our new album and ‘Daisy’ at the moment that we don’t really have our future planned out. We are just nine Huis with nine different names. Hui Kang, Hui Yang and so on. Everyone has their own set of amazing talents.”