Rachel Alejandro answers 5 questions

'The Great OPM Songbook' by Rachel Alejandro

Last Oct. 29, multi-talented artist Rachel Alejandro released her first musical album after a long hiatus of 11 years. This is the great OPM Songbook Vol. 1 which is now available on all streaming platforms like Spotify and on ABS-CBN Star Music.

In the new album, which contains eight songs, Rachel breathes new life to well-loved OPM classics. One example is the Leah Navarro original "Ang Pag-ibig 'Kong Ito" which she has interpreted with a more jazzy feel. It is the first song in her album, and it is also her favorite since she used to sing this as a child at home.

Rachel's soulful belting can be heard in the other love songs featured in The Great OPM Songbook Vol 1. These include "Kung Ako Ba Sya," "Sabi Na Nga Ba," "Kahit Habang Buhay," "Kung Ako Na Lang Sana," "Catch Me Am Falling," "Ikaw" and "Hanggang."

Rachel Alejandro

The overall concept of the album was to offer something to people that would remind them about their past, whether it was happy or sad. Rachel said: In my social media, I noticed that my followers always respond when I talk about memories and the good old days. I think that people like going back to the time when they were young because they would like to feel young."

As the daughter of the great balladeer Hajji Alejandro, Rachel reveals that the greatest memories of her childhood were all those times she spent with her dad. Ï had a very happy childhood, thanks to him. Super barkada kami. Hindi kami yung tipong iniwan lang sa bahay. Kasama kami sa lahat ng lakad nya. So it comes as no surprise I would end up in the same industry as him."

At the beginning of the pandemic last year, Rachel was at the crossroads and was thinking of where her career was going. All gigs and live performances came to a halt. But by some miracle, things began to change. Discussions were made for her much-awaited album and soon after, she signed a contract with Star Magic. She is now in Baguio City shooting for her role in the series "The Broken Marriage Vow" starring Jodi Sta. Maria and Zanjoe Marudo which will be shown soon on Kapamilya primetime.

Rachel met with members of the media in a Zoom meeting recently and updated us about the latest in her career. Rachel gamely answered questions on these 5 topics:


1. Among the present crop of Filipino artists, who do you like to work with?

Rachel : Inigo Pascual. He's such a good performer, aside from the fact na anak sya ni Papa P (Piolo Pascual). I love the fact that Inigo sings and dances. One of the songs in my album, Kung Ako Ba Sya, is by Papa P. I included it kasi kailangan may kilig ako na kanta.

Another artist on my mind is Morissette. I'd like to perform with her or maybe do a musical with her. She has the training, the voice and the natural ability. She has something really special in her.

2. You look blessed with the fountain of youth. What's your secret?

Rachel: I eat healthy, thanks to our company 'The Sexy Chef.' I work out. I try to get fresh air and sunshine. It's so important to keep your immune system working properly, especially during these times. And I guess it's also in our genes, just look at my father.

3. How do you maintain the quality of your voice with the passage of time?

Rachel: Through the years, I've taken voice lessons under different teachers, which taught me many self-care techniques. Our vocal cords are just like our muscles. They need constant practice, so the voice becomes more agile. It's true that our voice quality is not the same after the age of 60, but as singers, we can delay that by being active.

4. . Which songs in your album would you like to dedicate to your husband? (the journalist, Carlos Santamaria)

Rachel: It has to be 'Hanggang' . Am pretty sure my husband is the one I'll grow old with. He's the one. We've been married for 11 years and we fully trust each other. I trust him to take care of me. He's a responsible human being. Siya yung tipong hindi ako iiwan kahit hindi na ako fresh.

5. Being in a long-distance relationship with your husband most of the time, how important is fidelity to you?

Rachel: If you know Carlos very well, you will trust him that there will be no third party. He's such a responsible human being. But to me, honesty is more important than fidelity. It's knowing that your partner has got your back more than anything else. And my husband is like that.

I've had boyfriends in the past who cheated on me and believe it or not, I forgave them. Meron talagang mga babae na understanding and forgiving. Isa ako dun! (ANNALYN S. JUSAY)