Enchong Dee sued for cyber libel

Enchong Dee is in hot water.

Congresswoman Claudine Diana Bautista-Lim, party-list representative of Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights or DUMPER, has filed a cyber libel case at the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Davao Occidental against him.

This was allegedly due to Enchong issuing supposed "malicious" and "defamatory" statements against her via social media following her wedding to businessman Jose French Lim Feb. 20 this year in Balesin.

According to Claudine's complaint, Enchong "went as far as saying that I used public coffers to fund my wedding by categorically saying that 'The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding', to the detriment and injury to my honor and name..."

She added, "The posts were meant nothing more than their malicious intentions of maligning my person, depicting me as a corrupt public official."

Claudine is seeking moral damages amounting to P500,000,000 as with exemplary damages amounting to P500,000,000 due to the same.

Although she admitted to having learned about Enchong already issuing a public apology about the whole issue prior, she maintained it wasn't enough.

"He was not sorry to me and for the damage that he has done. He just wants to deflect, albeit unsuccessfully, this criminal charge against him...

"This does not do any good for him. It only bolstered and magnified his admission of guilt beyond reasonable dount for his un-provoked and baseless libelous remarks."

Enchong is yet to issue a statement on the matter.