‘Good Samaritan’ cop is trending over a random act of kindness, again

The CEU alumnus gained Internet traction over not just one, but two viral social media posts about his good deeds

It is the good deeds that we often think nobody notices that add up to create a better world. A random act of kindness may seem small to one person but can mean everything to another. These are the things that remind us that everything is going to be okay, because there is so much more good in the world than anything else.

Police Corporal Jonjon Nacino has become an Internet symbol of the quiet good of helping out a neighbor. Beyond what he does for the country in his professional capacity, he has been caught by netizens for the “Good Samaritan” work he does on the side.

On July 10, Dustin Rafael Cinco, a midwife at Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, posted photos of a police officer who gave a vendor ₱1,000 for two pieces of ice drops. The police officer did not ask for any change. Dustin guesses that the vendor is around 65 years old, potentially a high-risk individual during this health crisis. Because of the random act of kindness, the vendor was able to go home early and rest.

Kitang-kita ko sa mukha ni tatay na ang saya saya n’ya (I saw happiness written on tatay’s face),” writes Dustin on Facebook. “Sa  mga kaibigan kong pulis jan baka naman kilala nyo si sir. Paki sabi na lang God bless sa kanya (To my police friends out there, maybe you know him. Please tell him, God bless).”

Through the power of the Internet, Dustin was able to find out that the mysterious police officer was Corporal Nacino. Other netizens pointed out that this was not the first time the young officer had been caught spreading goodness around the streets of Metro Manila.

Two months ago, food delivery driver Joshua Basa shared on Facebook his tear-jerking encounter with Corporal Nacino. After accidentally cutting a line during a checkpoint inspection at España Boulevard, Joshua was approached by Corporal Nacino. In their conversation, the motorcycle driver mentioned he was a working student. Much to his surprise, Corporal Nacino then gave him a $100 note to use for his studies.

Tanggapin mo na (Keep it),” Joshua recalls Corporal Nacino saying to him. “Tulong ko sa ‘yo yan, gusto ko magtapos ka ha! Ipangako mo sa ‘kin! (I will help you, I want you to graduate! Promise me that)”

Pag sabi n’ya non lalo ‘kong umiyak, hindi ko napansin ‘yung halaga ng pera pero sa mga sinabi n’ya talaga ‘ko nadala (When he said that I cried even more, it wasn’t the money, it was what he said),” recounts Joshua. “Mula sa checkpoint, pag-pick up, pag-drop ko ng item at pag-uwi ko sa bahay, iyak lang ako ng iyak (From the checkpoint, to the pick-up, to the drop-off of the item and when I got back home, I was just crying).”

Perhaps because it wasn’t too long ago when Corporal Nacino was a student that he remembers the struggles. In 2012, Nacino obtained his bachelor of science in hotel and restaurant management from the CEU School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management (SNHM).

Alam ko na naging pabaya ko sa pagaaral ko noon kaya may mga dapat akong balikan (I know I have been careless with my studies so I have some things to go back to),” adds Joshua on his Facebook post, now addressing Corporal Nacino. “Pero pinapangako ko sa ‘yo yan lalo na sa magulang ko makakapagtapos din ako (But I promise you, as well as to my parents, that I will graduate)!”

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