Hate it or love it? Camille and Iya mull work-from-home setup

Camille Prats and Iya Villania are among celebrities blessed to still have work though done at home.

In a recent press conference that included Bulletin Entertainment, they talked about the pros and cons of the set-up.

"There are so many things to love about it," said Iya. "Iwas traffic---and I don't have to worry about bringing home any sickness kasi medyo nakakapraning 'pag lumabas ng bahay."

Beyond those, Iya gets to witness all the milestones of her children, simply not missing out on family events that matter. 

Still, she misses working in a proper studio. 

"I guess it really depends on how you see it," Iya said.

Camille Prats

Camille couldn't agree more. She’s glad that while she works at home, husband John Yambao takes care and looks after their children.

She finds the work-from-home setup "fun."

"Medyo napadali ng slight 'yung buhay naming dalawa dahil very hands-on siya at mahilig sa mga bata," she added. 

Talented kids

Now that they’re home most of the time, are there other things they’ve discovered about their children?

Iya Villania

According to Iya her eldest with husband Drew Arellano, Primo, now knows how to swim without floaters. The kid has also become more outgoing.

As for two-year-old Leon, the mother said his personality is “blossoming.” 

"Para siyang matapang yet so malambing," was how she put it.

Camille said that her eldest son is so into gadgets. To divert his attention, she brought him a ukulele.

"In a span of one day, na-tono niyang mag-isa,” she revealed. “Nakatugtog siya. He reads notes. I guess because he knows how to play piano…"

For her younger kids, she's proud that Nolan has learned how to walk at 10 months.


Camille said she talks to her kids about the COVID-19 pandemic up to the level they could understand.

"It's a challenge to make them understand but after that, I learned to let go of things; not to make a big deal of whatever happened in our day," she said. "Kung may isang araw na sablay, in a bad mood -- iyak, nasaktan, shake it off. Don't dwell with it so much. Trying everything doesn't mean na perfect lahat, na nagagawa lahat ng tama."

Indeed, she’s learned how to cut herself some slack.

"Take it one day at a time. Tomorrow is another day to redeem yourself and make things better, parang ganu'n."

First anniversary

Camille and Iya, along with Solenn Heussaff, host "Mars Pa More!" which return on air on July 28 in time for its anniversary episode.

Asked if they went back to the drawing board to talk about how the new normal might have changed what viewers want to see on the show, program

Manager Jenny Cordova answered.

“’Mars Pa More,’ produced from home episodes, adapts to the new normal. People are staying at home, trying to be safe from the virus, yet at the same time continuously finding ways to improve oneself (physically, emotionally, psychologically), improve one’s home, the family’s income and nourishing relationships despite the distance.
“In the new episodes, the hosts and the program’s guests will be interacting with us from their homes. They will be sending their own videotaped productions of themselves as they exhibit their talents, share their skills, and express their thoughts about what’s going on in their lives. We will be showing you how artists are dealing with the demands of living in the new normal,” she said.

The show has retained well-loved segments but tweaked for the new normal. These are “Mars Masarap” (cooking), “Push Mo Mars” (exercise), “Handy Mars” (DIY), “Pusuan Mo Mars” (heartwarming stories), “Momergency” (medical concerns), and “Mars Magaling” (game segment).