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Photographer of the Week: Christopher “Tawpee” Comeso

By Maan D’Asis Pamaran

Long before he held a camera, Christopher “Tawpee” de Castro Comeso wielded a pencil. A budding artist, he first honed his craft as a cartoonist in their high school newspaper at the Nasugbu Insitute. It was also as a school paper staff that he was introduced to photojournalism. Soon, he shifted to become the paper’s official photographer.


The Batangueño went to Manila and took up a maritime transportation course in college. He says that he forgot about his photography hobby until he embarked on life as an OFW.

Colorful Day
Three Layers

“By the time I followed my wife to Abu Dhabi UAE, her colleague who was planning to leave the country for good sold his Nikon D80 DSLR. As soon as I held the camera, my passion for this art came back into my system. That was nine years ago and that hobby has become my bread and butter.”  Christopher is now a photographer for the corporate communications department of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities of Abu Dhabi.

He is also the president of one of the oldest Pinoy photography groups in Abu Dhabi, the Shootercada Photographer’s Circle. “I love joining competitions to gauge my capability in this field. It helps me to keep improving my talents, whether I win or not.”

Camel Race

Among the recognitions he has received are first place in Ajman Dates Festival, first place in HIPA Dubai X10 Photo Contest, first place in PhotoWalk Dubai “Blue Theme,” 2018 and 2019 runner-up for Huawei Next Image, second place in Capture Photography Contest by Nikon and Home Centre (Dubai UAE), Winner of Umbra International Photography Awards Monthly Theme “Capture Home Moment,” and 2018 and 2019 honorable winner in the Envision Kindness Photo Contest.

1st Prize Winner, Dubai X HIPA Photography Competition

He does corporate shoots and events for his job but in his spare time, Tawpee likes to focus on social documentary and environmental portraits. He is also in the process of honing his street photography skills. “An effective photograph for me is something that makes the viewers feel that they were a part of the story. It is also a combination of good lighting and composition with a touch of good colors and moods.”

Ajman Dates
Into the Light

He likes to utilize earthy tones, he adds. “I love shooting in the golden hour, and I will make sure that there’s always a human element on it. I also love to capture candid moments of people showing their emotions,” he says of his trademark shots. “I shoot black and white as well, depending on my mood and what I feel on that moment. If I can see that the image is much better with the black-and-white post-process, I go with it.”


Being the president of the Filipino photography group in Abu Dhabi, he shares his knowledge with beginners who are eager to get started on the art. Tawpee is self-taught and encourages others to never stop learning. “What I keep reminding them is to just enjoy what they are doing and don’t shoot for the sake of others.  It is important to shoot for your own satisfaction. It is your work of art and you are the artist of your masterpiece.”