Pia Wurtzbach: 'Ang hirap ng LDR'

Now she's talking!

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach admitted that being in a long-distance relationship is difficult.

"Ang hirap ng LDR pero kailangan magtrabaho (Being in an LDR is difficult but I need to work)," said Wurtzbach on Instagram Nov. 14. LDR refers to long-distance relationship.

Wurtzbach is in a relationship with Scottish businessman Jeremy Jauncey. Her boyfriend is a frequent flyer who owns a travel media company called "Beautiful Destinations."

For several weeks, Wurtzbach and Jauncey bonded together in the United Kingdom. But now it's time for Wurtzbach to go back to Manila where she is currently based. The German-Filipino beauty queen said that she is sad leaving her boyfriend in the UK.

Her full post on Instagram:

"En route to Manila and feeling a mix of emotions as I head back… looking forward to the work that I need to attend to but sad that I'm leaving my love back in the UK. ? Ang hirap ng LDR pero kailangan magtrabaho ? but I know we've been very blessed and its time to get back to work! ❤"

Wurtzbach also revealed that she and her boyfriend enjoy long walks with the greenery as one of their bonding moments.

"Being surrounded with greenery always puts you in a good mood. We love going on long walks and we usually put our phones away (except for when we took these photos ? pumayag sya) so we can really focus on just talking, reflecting and enjoying the view.

"This is something I never used to do but now has become a part of our lifestyle. It helps so much with clearing your thoughts and just putting you in a better mood. Sometimes I even go on my own. Laking tulong talaga para gumaan loob mo," she said.