H2wo's Roger too much to handle as NXP stuns two-time champ Aura PH

Photo from H2wo Facebook page

Nexplay Solid pulled off a 2-0 shocker over back-to-back champion Aura Philippines behind John Paul "H2wo" Salonga's Roger in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pro League-Philippines (MPL-PH) Season 6 on Saturday night. 

H2wo was a deadly beast on his Roger as he maximized all the space given to him by the other NXP members to freely farm before carrying them to the massive victory. 

It was the second straight win for NXP following its vengeful 2-1 triumph over Execration on Friday. 

But NXP's big boss and social media star AkosiDogie reminded his team not to be complacent. 

"Walang patapon na team sa season na 'to. 'Di pwedeng makampante. Lahat malalakas, lahat kaya mag-champion. Nakakakot lahat ng teams," he said during the post-match interview. 

Dogie even said in jest that his team needs to defeat two strong teams in order to make Tiktok videos again. 

A lengthy delay to the start of the series did not stop NXP from executing its ruthless aggression to deny the buffs for Jaypee "Jaypee" Dela Cruz's Yi Sun-shin and shut down Ashley "Killuash" Cruz's Chou. 

NXP went for a deep dive on the top lane to wipe out Aura in the ninth minute, with H2wo getting a triple kill. 

It was all NXP from there as it crushed the defending champions, 19-7, in 14 minutes. 

H2wo notched a perfect record of 11 kills and seven assists as he unleashed more than 71,000 damage. 

Aura shrugged off an early disadvantage in Game 2, taking the first Lord in the 10th minute. 

But NXP staged a solid defense at the bot lane as Tristan "YAWI" Cabrera caught Jaypee's Lancelot with the Fatal Links of Atlas and Bien "Mb" Esquillo's Yu Zhong denied his Phanton Exexution escape with the Dragon Tail knock-up, resulting in a double kill for H2wo on Jaypee and Christian "Rafflesia" Faura's Khufra. 

H2wo went ham again, finishing with 11 kills and four assists against a lone death to lead NXP to a 19-8 victory in 15 minutes. 

NXP improved to 16 points but remained at No. 4 in Group A while Aura stayed at the top with 21 points despite the shocking loss.