Photo of the Week

The Window to Your Soul (Photo by Jerome Ramos)

“This photo was captured at the entrance of Zheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The moment I went into this place, it immediately captured my heart due to its amazing architectural design. The ceiling looks like an ‘eye’ having its iris and pupil (as designed and built at the very entrance). Taking a straight look at the ‘prayer area’ of the mosque, it tells a story and conveys us to look into the faith of ‘Islam’ and know more. This is a design which carries a deep meaning if only you focus more into it. I am not a professional photographer, but this shot for me is one of the best photos that sends its message to the viewers on its own.”

Jerome Ramos

Our appreciation to Neutral Ground Reborn (NGR) ( This photo was also chosen as NGR’s Photo of the Day (Week 23), first place (Photo of the Week 23), and second place (Photo of the Month 6) of Season 2 – 2020.