Grafting: Pangasinan farm’s secret to a high-yielding mango orchard 

One successful cultivator of the national fruit is Mashistro Farms in San Vicente, Bani, Pangasinan. The farm owner, shared strategies that make their mango production a fruitful one.

Hybrid dragon fruits give this family farm a competitive edge in the market 

Dragon Fruit Depot in Pulong Yantok, Bulacan, which has been growing the ‘superfruit’ for the past seven years, stays competitive by offering hybrid and rare kinds of the said fruit.

BEEware of fake honey: Honey fraud in the Philippines 

The distribution of fake honey in the market is still rampant today, posing a major threat to the industry and consumers.

Tarlaqueña nurse in the US makes money from her garden produce

Ampalaya, malunggay, sitaw, and kangkong are commonly grown vegetables in the Philippines. When Pinay nurse Mia Uy relocated to Maryland, USA, she found herself cultivating these crops and eventually earning from them.

What are their secrets: two bee agritourism sites thrive amid the pandemic 

What is not known to many folks is the existence of bee tourism, which has to do with visiting apiaries and meliponaries.

Woman-led local chocolate brand highlights the use of Davao cacao 

Found in the cacao capital of the Philippines, NutraRich is an FDA-registered chocolate manufacturer that uses cacao grown by farmers in Davao.

5 agritourism sites and farm stays to visit this Holy Week

This coming Holy Week, there are many ways you and your loved ones can still safely engage in recreational activities without large crowds. One is by visiting local farms.

3 farms that raise rabbits as livestock

When the idea of eating rabbit meat is introduced, some folks still get taken aback, despite the animal’s long history as livestock and the health benefits of its meat.

Strawberries grow vertically in a Baguio garden 

Due to a lack of space at home, a family came up with a plan to maximize their 250-square-meter garden using vertical and container gardening techniques.

Kids Who Farm: Cultivating the next-generation of food producers, one seed at a time

Everyone has been living in survival mode over the past few years. Even so, there have been folks who have served as beacons of hope in these dark times. Today, we honor some of them and the work they have done to better the lives of others.

Things about growing heirloom tomatoes that you need to know

Tomato, aka kamatis in Tagalog, is a crop that is extensively farmed nationwide because of high market demand and ease of production.

High school teacher follows in the footsteps of his farmer parents

Many people who come from farming households engage in agriculture at some point in their lives. One person who is following in his father's footsteps in farming is Raffa "Raffy" Capalaran.

Julius Babao and Christine Bersola-Babao grow grapes in their Quezon City garden

Media professionals Julius Caesar Concepcion Babao, popularly known as Julius Babao, and  Christine “Tintin” Bersola-Babao grow food and ornamental plants.

6 Tips for growing chili peppers in your urban garden

Chili isn’t for everyone, especially since we all have different levels of tolerance for spicy food. Janssen M. Martinez, however, is a millennial who likes hot sauce, chili powder, and peppery food.

4 women farmers who are breaking gender stereotypes in agriculture

While the word “farming” still conjures up images of men working in a sunny field, there are empowered women who are going beyond such stereotypes and carving their own path in agriculture. Here are four of them, whose inspiring stories have previously appeared on Agriculture Online.

Fighting gender discrimination and empowering women in agriculture

Women are becoming more involved in different areas of agriculture. However, gender gaps in employment, income, and resources are still a hindrance to their growth and success.

PCAARRD’s campaign boosts awareness on the science of food production

Flavors of Science is a campaign that aims to raise the public awareness about the science behind food production and to acknowledge all individuals that take part in the food supply chain, including farmers, fisherfolk, scientists, researchers, and research managers.

Caloocan entrepreneur farms lettuce in the city

Cristina Ramirez-Padua, a licensed agricultural engineer and an avid Agriculture magazine reader, is one urbanite who started growing food at home in an attempt to boost their household’s food security and wellbeing.

Health professional makes money from aquaponic farming

Some favor the conventional farming, while others prefer a less labor-intensive option like aquaponics. A doctor chose the latter.

Two common hurdles in growing leafy greens and how to overcome them

There is no such thing as a flawless experience when it comes to growing food, especially if one opts for the natural route.

‘Botanical wonderland’ blooms in this hobbyist’s yard

Plant Saint, as he prefers to be called, has been caring for ornamental plants since 2013. To this day, plants have kept him productive and well, especially in times of isolation caused by the pandemic.

Two endemic Begonia species found in Palawan

The rich biodiversity of the Philippine flora is again demonstrated in the recent discovery of two endemic Begonia species in Palawan.