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Property clean up project of a couple progressed into a prolific urban garden, part 2: gardening tips for beginners

In the first part of this article, Cristina and Carlo Guerrero, owners of Athena’s Garden in San Juan City, shared the tale of how their garden has transformed from an unused, futile land to a thriving garden. Here, Cristina Guerrero, a professional biologist, has shared some tips in nurturing plants effectively based on her education and garden experience.

Part-time bougainvillea grower earns a minimum of P20,000 a month from selling cuttings

Shirley Villamor, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software consultant, started gardening with a limited understanding of the practice. In hopes of pursuing a hobby that’s different from the nature of her work, she ended up developing a garden to benefit her mental health. “Gardening is my stress reliever. It helps me focus and gives me a sense of peace and serenity.”