#Rufus Rodriguez

(UPDATED) A short timeline: Cha-cha in the House, 19th Congress edition

"As an independent branch of government, the House of Representatives and Congress will proceed with its public dialogues on this issue,” Rodriguez said.

'Magkaalaman na': Here's why the Senate should push through with Cha-cha talks

“Let the people know who are against and who are for reform that could result in more foreign companies investing or expanding their businesses in the country,” Rodriguez said.

'Big brother': Rodriguez asks Thai parliamentarians for support on WPS issue

"Everyday, there is a violation of China, intruding our 200 miles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)."

Zubiri's Cha-cha tirade 'unfair' to Romualdez, says House leader

“My beloved Senate president from Mindanao may be seeing ghosts where there are none."

'Minsan nakakahiya': Barzaga tells House, Senate to settle Cha-cha quarrel privately

"The heads of the chambers of the lawmaking body are quarelling before the public."

Showbiz link? Gomez picked to join House contingent to Padilla panel invite

Gomez is not a member of House constitutional amendments panel, but he is an assistant majority leader.