#Noche Buena

All I want for Christmas is food

Complete your Noche Buena spread with these special recipes by some of the most prolific chefs in the country.

Of raclette dinners and biking in the New Year

Last year, I prepared a Swiss raclette dinner for Noche Buena. I got some sliced raclette cheese, a variety of German and Swiss sausages, French baguette, pickled onions and gerkins, Dijon mustard, and some fondue.

Noche Buena in three continents

The pleasures of the table come from the thoughtfulness of people.

What is your Noche Buena this year?

Scaling down on celebrations doesn’t mean your spread is less meaningful.

Sushi bake for Noche Buena

Something fun to consider adding to your Christmas feast.

World Vision shares the joy of Christmas with the most vulnerable children

World Vision is once again bringing the holiday spirit to our most vulnerable children and their families as it continues its annual Christmas tradition with the Noche Buena campaign.

All I want for Christmas is chicken macaroni

Chicken macaroni to me is what Jose Mari Chan is to many others when September comes and Christmas is not far behind.

Take your Noche Buena to the next level with these food pairings

Make your holiday (or everyday) meals merrier with these tried and tested food combinations.

The comforts of Noche Buena in these discomfiting times

It could be a steaming bowl of arroz caldo or buttery bibingka cooked over coals and topped with salted eggs, cheese, and coconut shavings or, in my case, my mother’s chicken macaroni salad. Which of the Noche Buena staples will bring you comfort in these discomfiting times?

Rediscovering the Christmas spirit

It’s a trope as old as time: the jadedness of realizing Santa ain’t real, figuratively especially. But here’s why we as adults need to reclaim the spirit of the season

MB Foodies: Delicious Christmas platters and dishes for the whole family

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