Emerging trends that may shape global agriculture this 2023

Agriculture impacts society in many ways, and determining the trends associated with the industry is essential for economies to navigate the upcoming year. From more accessible vaccines to the dawn of modern technologies, experts highlight several global trends that are likely to transform agriculture in 2023.

Lunar New year Special: Focus on rabbits

Last January 22, 2023, more than a billion people around the world celebrated the lunar new year and welcomed the Year of the Rabbit, the fourth in the twelve-year periodic sequence of animals that appear in the traditional Chinese calendar.

3 farms that raise rabbits as livestock

When the idea of eating rabbit meat is introduced, some folks still get taken aback, despite the animal’s long history as livestock and the health benefits of its meat.

DA distributes feeds, vet drugs for ASF rehab program in Region 1

As of press time, at least 21 farmers in Barangay Baloling, Mapandan who received 27 cattle with 27kgs of feeds each and 12 farmers in Barangay Nalsian and Talibaew in Calasiao who received a total of 16 cattles with veterinary drugs such as dewormer and vitamins (as per the request of the farmer).