Two main factors led to the losses in the global vertical farming industry this 2022

Despite its increasing popularity and booming investments, reaching more than US$3.66 billion last year, the vertical farming industry was shocked by the series of high-profile bankruptcies this 2022. Experts pointed out two possible factors that could have triggered the industry's negative growth.

Friendly tips for young farming enthusiasts who want to level up through hydroponics

Starting something from scratch is often the hardest part of doing any project, especially if the person does not have any prior background. The same is true in farming. More so, applying technological concepts such as a hydroponics setup might be a daunting task for young people who want to venture into agriculture.

Former sales associate now runs his own seedling business without owning land

Arnel Tandang, 50, owner of AGT Seedlings Supply, proves that establishing an agricultural enterprise is possible even if you don’t own property.