#Filipino cuisine

Spotlight on Kasama, the first Michelin-starred Filipino restaurant

‘Kasama is a representation of how both traditional and modern elements of Filipino cuisine, through its ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques can be harmonized to create dishes which are representative of Filipino culture and heritage.’

Turon in South Africa

It had been a delightful experience to share with the South African audience the vibrant flavors of authentic Filipino cuisine.

The best of Pinoy in Toronto

The dish description seemed unassuming but when finally served, the dishes aimed to visually awe and please the palate.

The role of gastrodiplomacy and tourism in preserving culinary traditions

The Philippines has a rich culinary heritage that deserves to be preserved and recognized in the international scene.

This restaurant that serves Filipino and Spanish flavors is ready for the ‘new normal’

Henji and Rafael’s are back, following very strict health protocols to keep both its customer and staff safe.