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The Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, a publicly held corporation in the Philippines which publishes in print and online a daily broadsheet, tabloid-sized newspapers and various magazines in English, Filipino and the vernaculars, sees journalism as an instrument for the establishment of a just and fair society of citizens who love their country, work in unity for the common good of the people, advocate the interests of the people above the self, and through this view, contribute to the creation of a society of free citizens enjoying the prosperity and progress equitably.


In contributing to the pursuit of this vision of a just and prosperous society, the mission of the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation through its publications is to provide Filipinos in their country and Overseas Filipino Workeres and residents accurate and objective news of the Philippines, without embellishment or advocacy of persons and parties but only in ideas. In doing so, it will strive to be positive rather than negative in its coverage and interpretation, build-up rather than destroy, encourage rather than take a stand of negative criticism and be courageous in reporting abuses and dishonesty, so that the medium will become an instrument of construction rather than destruction, without neglecting its critical function in society.


I am an employee of the Manila Bulletin and I Believe in:


Commitment to the organization that I work for with a
sincere wish to see it grow, to help it grow.


Commitment to truth and being trustworthy at work and in
life. TO promote integrity at all levels of organization.


Commitment to avoid idle moments while at work.


Commitment to my basic role as an employee:
to contribute positively to the growth of the organization
day after day.


Commitment to help my gellow employees attain


Commitment to please the customer, our partner
in growth.

I am an employee of the Manila Bulletin and I am proud to be one.

Board of Directors for 2020 to 2021
Mr. Basilio C. Yap Chairman
Dr. Emilio C. Yap III Vice Chairman
Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. (Ret.) Vice Chairman / Independent Director
Sec. Alberto G. Romulo (Ret.) Vice Chairman / Independent Director
Dr. Enrique Y. Yap, Jr. Director
Atty. Francis Y. Gaw Director
Mr. Benjamin C. Yap Director
Dr. Crispulo J. lcban, Jr. Director
Maria Georgina Perez-de Venecia Independent Director
Atty. Juan D. De Zuniga, Jr. Independent Director

Management Team & Executive Officers for 2020-2021
Mr. Basilio C. Yap Chairman of the Board
Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. Vice Chairman of the Board
Secretary Alberto G. Romulo Vice Chairman of the Board
Dr. Emilio C. Yap III Vice Chairman of the Board, President
Atty. Francis Y. Gaw Corporate Counsel
Atty. Fe B. Barin Executive Vice President
Sec. Herminio B. Coloma, Jr. Executive Vice President/Compliance Officer
Dr. Enrique Y. Yap, Jr. Vice President – Business Development Department
Mrs. Carmen S. Suva Vice President – Public Relations Department
Mrs. Aurora C. Tan Vice President – Executive Dept., Asst. Corporate Secretary, Asst. Treasurer
Arsenio Emmanuel O. Cabrera Vice President – Advertising Department
Mr. Dante M. Simangan Vice President – Circulation Department
Gen. Reynaldo S. Rafal Vice President – Administration Department
Elizabeth T. Morales Asst. Vice President – Finance Dept., Asst. Compliance Officer
Sandy U. Cotoco Assistant Vice President – Credit & Collection Dept.
Alvin P. Mendigoria Assistant Vice President – Engineering Dept.
Richard J. Alarcon Assistant Vice President – Advertising Dept.
Joy Anne F. Trinidad Assistant Vice President – Advertising Dept.
Atty. Dylan I. Felicidario Corporate Secretary
Maebel P. Nadres Assistant Treasurer
Alice A. Aldana Assistant Treasurer

Company’s Operations

The core competence of the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (the “Company”) is the business of proprietors and publishers of newspapers, journals, magazines, periodicals, books, pamphlets, literary and artworks of all kinds, and the business of proprietors and operators of the other means of mass communications.

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Corporate Governance

Revised Manual of Corporate Governance

The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The following is a concise presentation of the Company’s policies on business conduct and ethics affecting its directors, senior management, and employees…

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Investor Relations

Full disclosure and transparency in all company’s investor relations program in accordance with SEC and PSE rules and regulations.

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