Climate Reality Project Philippines

ELEVENTH HOUR — Each strand of climate action really counts, even here in the Philippines

If the world gets its act together, climate-related risks, both predicted and observable, will decrease and will enable us to deal with less complex solutions in the future

ELEVENTH HOUR — We need to urgently address the Mindoro oil spill

Many fear that the oil spill might reach neighboring provinces, including areas known as the 'center of the world’s rich marine biodiversity'—the Verde Island Passage

ELEVENTH HOUR: Managing our climate change fears

As the effects of climate change are getting more intense, it’s expected that more cases of eco-anxiety would be experienced. It is critical to equip ourselves with as much information to learn about this and find ways how to effectively cope and still hope.

ELEVENTH HOUR: Why we need climate accountability

If we want to lessen the loss and damages, we need to push for more transparency, participation, and accountability in our community and the rest of the nation.

ELEVENTH HOUR: Low-carbon tourism as a sustainable pathway to recovery

Moving forward, the Philippine travel industry should ensure that it is headed for long-term success and progress by employing best practices in sustainability. This means rebuilding a Philippine tourism industry that values the health of the planet and its people.