Sun Life expands PH, India talent hubs in Asia

Sun Life Global Solutions (SLGS), the talent and innovation hub of Sun Life Financials Inc., is expanding its hubs in India and the Philippines as it re-positioned itself as the “microcosm” of the global asset management company, part of Sun Life’s global strategic evolution as top insurance firm.

SLGS, formerly Asia Services Centres (ASC) said in a statement that the Philippines and India-based operation is expanding as Sun Life’s key talent hub for its technology, operations and client care center with renewed focus on key knowledge skills such as actuarial, finance services, legal services, risk and compliance monitoring.

SLGS Managing Director Tarun Sareen said on Sept. 7 that they are the “enablers” of Sun Life in India and the Philippines. He said their work involves “designing and delivering solutions” to their clients and advisors “be it through a digital asset (or) a transaction we process.”

He said SLGS promotes what he called a “caring and thriving” workplace and “encouraging them (Sun Life people) to bring their whole and authentic selves to work” and to foster “people-centric practices”.

Sun Life said in the statement that the strategic move to rename ASC to SLGS is to “advance the organization’s value proposition” to have closer collaboration with Sun Life's business groups.

“The new name (SLGS) underscores its global impact delivered through developing solutions, experiences and furthering innovation,” it said.

Sun Life added that the “goal is to build deeper digital relationships and more personalized experiences so we can better anticipate and serve our clients’ unique needs.” 

To this end, it said SLGS “brings deep technology and digital capabilities by attracting top talent and a constantly upskilling workforce comprised of dynamic and motivated professionals.”

To date, SLGS provide services and solutions Sun Life in Canada, Asia, US and to all its asset management and corporate functions.

SLGS as ASC was first established in the Philippines in 1991 and expanded to India by 2006. It is currently a talent and innovation hub for Sun Life.

At the moment Sun Life operates in 28 markets with over $1.33 trillion in assets under management as of end-2022.