Pope defrocks Filipino priest for sexual abuse

TACLOBAN CITY -- Pope Francis has dismissed a priest from the Diocese of Borongan due to alleged involvement in sexual abuse of children.

Borongan Bishop Crispin Varquez announced on Sunday, September 17, that Father Pio Cultura Aclon has been removed from the clerical state.

"He is, therefore, no longer a cleric and cannot exercise priestly ministry in the Church," Informationis Causa dated July 18 read in all churches and chapels during Masses within the diocese said.

Meanwhile, Aclon, in a social media post, sought a copy of the Pope's letter.

"I give you 10 days to provide us with the letter. Actually, you have been telling this to people during the death of 'Nanay,'" he said.

He added that such matter is communicated to the concerned individual and not on social media platforms. 

"The social media platform is never part of the procedural process on matters like this. The Bishop of Borongan should explain regarding this matter because he violated again not only my canonical right but also my civil right," Aclon lamented.

Aclon last served in a minor seminary in Borongan before he was suspended by the diocese from his clerical duties.